Panel Barn Lumber was originally established in 1973 by Dave Schneider as a family lumber supplier for local builders. The company steadily grew over the years into a leader in roof truss and floor truss manufacturing throughout the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region.

In early 2006, Panel Barn Lumber was purchased by a local lumber company and the company name was changed. This was short-lived, however, and eighteen months later, the truss operation was re-acquired by the Schneider Family and the name was changed to Panel Barn Inc. During this transition, key employees were kept in place and new, knowledgable industry veteran employees joined the team. The company moved away from lumber sales and concentrated efforts solely on truss manufacturing and engineered product distribution.

Today, Panel Barn Inc. is still a local leader in providing roof trusses, floor trusses, wall panels, engineered wood, dimensional lumber. To better serve our customers, we also now we offer installation of all the above. We plan to maintain our trusted place in the industry for many years to come.

At Panel Barn Inc., our commitment to our customers is surpassed only by our knowledge of the industry.

We believe in experience.

Our sales force has over 175 years of combined experience in the construction industry helping our company to not only be a leader but also extremely competitive in this ever-changing market. From Cincinnati to Indiana to Kentucky and beyond, our team’s experience is an asset to your business.

We believe in quality.

To ensure we deliver the very best quality products, our business hones in on our area of expertise: trusses and engineered wood products. By focusing on what we know, we rest easy knowing YOU can rest easy with high-quality products.

We believe in relationships.

At Panel Barn Inc. each truss designer works directly with the salesman and their customer to help guide the project from estimating thru completion. Over the years we have found that this process creates the most knowledgeable, hands-on staff available, and it creates business relationships built on trust that last.

For over 44 years, Panel Barn Inc. has supplied projects of every size. Our experience spans from 1,000 square foot residential construction to well over 100,000 square foot commercial construction projects. Our primary footprint is in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, but we welcome projects everywhere. Whether you’re building a garage, a condo project, or a commercial building, we would be proud to call you our customer.

Our Team